Euphoria Illustration

Inspired by Hector Berlioz’s “Marche du supplice” (March into agony). I imagined how I could interpret the shift between Rue being rebellious towards her mother, the apparent voices in her head, and her anguish.

The theme is quite dark and pressing. It almost feels impossible to escape. I added patterns in various bars which allowed for that.

One thing to note is that Berlioz was under the influence of drugs when he wrote the march, which was a fitting exploration of how far one could go while in a state of euphoria. Those were the themes that inspired me for this arrangement.

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Joker-2019-Trailer-O.P Illustration
The Joker (2019) trailer My approach to this trailer was to depict the duality of Jokers life. There’s a sadness he experiences when trying to be himself – a misunderstood middle-aged man who doesn’t fit into the real world. He struggles with mental health as well as many complexes. I begin my orchestration in F-flat minor, in a Grave style. The darkness in the lower strings evoke grief and contemplation. The percussion adds the pulse. It then moves to Andante (moderately slow tempo) when he discovers his superpower – being the man behind the mask. The triumphant melody invites us into his new world of invincibility and chaos. “I used to think my life is a tragedy, but now I realize, it’s a comedy.”
Grub Hub Illustration
Grubhub commercial jingle The commercial is about fun, color, dancing, and cheerfulness. I looked at the mood in the different shots as well, and added the rhythm and tone that I felt fit. The key is in A-sharp Major, which is energetic. The instrumentation I used is brass instruments, bass drum, xylophone, and percussion. I added patterns based on the timing of the movements. I looked for opportunities to add and remove certain notes and rhythms, while keeping the essence of what a jingle should sound. This was fun!

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