An Absolute Blessing.

"imagine if Beyonce came to you and asked that you create an African Beychella, what would you do?"

Ofentse PitseConductor

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A Few Months Ago, I Was Approached With The Biggest Task Of My Career

With the following brief from the illustrious Mr David Bloch – “Ofentse, imagine if Beyonce came to you and asked that you create an African Beychella, what would you do?” This not only meant that I needed to innovate, but it also meant that musicians would be standing and playing by head, while moving.
Firstly, I wanted most of Africa to be represented. I got four of the best African percussion players from West Africa, led by Hadji Ndong.
Secondly, I needed the sound of the Kora to elevate the repertoire. I had the pleasure of bringing three Kora jally’s from London and Belgium respectively, originally from Gambia and Senegal – Jally Kebba Susso, Mamadou Drame, Sefo Kanuteh.
We juxtaposed a classically trained orchestra, with West African instrumentalists who don’t read music,  by play from the heart.

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It was the most spiritual and organic interaction I had ever seen. One which has always been a dream of mine – An African Orchestra.
Coupled with that, we collaborated with some of the best dancers and creatives I had ever seen, who allowed me to not only conduct, but also learn.
One of my highlists was conducting the young Guguletu Ndzendze as she sang Omio Babbino Caro as well as Ave Maria.
Mr John Legend came on stage afterwards as the cherry on top for the evening.
Thank you Mr David Bloch and Debbie Rakusin for believing in me, and helping me to fly. And to my team Anchored Sound – a fire brand.
An absolute blessing.

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Still in the upper-room experience about this passed thursday.

It has been one big suprise I wanted to keep for the past two months. We had been preparing tirelessly to ensure that we capture the essence of who I am, and who we are. I was introduced by a superpower whose voice used to be my daily sermon on Metro fm. Honestly, one of my favorite voices. My introduction by @azania_ had the little girl in me, in complete glee as a fan. I was the main speaker at the first @veuveclicquot Bold Women awards.

I approached my speech as though is were a opera – Act 1, Act 2,and Act 3; as I walked some of the most prolific women in the audience, through my story. We had a suprise “flasmob” style act with an ensemble from my orchestra, which had everyone going gushing with excitement, and the incomparable @basetsanakumalo embracing me in tears, saying “I give you the baton, take it…” (I will tell you a story about how Top Billing inspired me to be an architect).

Mosadi ke moaga sechaba. O tlou

There’s hours of more stories I can tell about everyone in that room. @amanda.dambuza took fresh flowers for me, out of the decor 😅. @gorgeous_mbali said we are besties now (bet!).
@olwe2lesh, we have work to do kgosakgadi.

@chanellezackeyprinsloo, to the moon we said….

All in all, I’ve always known that women are unicorns. But thursday night, I really got to experience the mother of dragons, waterbenders, and mermaids. Truly, exceptional and incomparable.

Thank you for allowing me in.

Vision. Purpose. Legacy

Veuve Cliquot Bold Women Awards

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Still in the upper-room experience about this passed thursday.

My intentions have been clear,

From The Beginning.

To foster collaborations of like-minded artistic authentic mastery.
The 2nd of September was an evening that saw me break into pop culture, in a theatrical space. This effortless collaboration between myself and Sun-El Musician required more than just music, it called for a lot of spiritual work, a power that is greater than ourselves.
The offering, was a culmination of black excellence, the power of the collective.
I couldn’t have done it without my team. The orchestra ensemble, the vocal quartet.
To chasing more sun’s 🌞

Sun EL & Friends

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I've always known that women are kings.

Drawing reference from the Setswana phrase:”Mosadi otswara thipa fo bogkaleng” (a women holds the sharpest end of the knife/sword).
As history tells us, woman are commanding voices in many tribes, in many kingdoms, in many nations.
May this era remind us of that. #womanking

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