#12YearsOfForbesAfrica 🎉 Here it is, the 12th birthday issue of FORBES AFRICA! And we bring on the music to celebrate the milestone with not one, but three covers, honoring the movers and shakers in Africa’s booming music sector. This listing of the continent’s innovators in music is only but a subset of the enormous talent pool that exists now on the continent making the cross-over to the global stage, diverse and from genres they are defining, on their own terms, from retro jazz to rapturous song.
Meet cover star Ofentse Pitse
 POWER. THAT IS THE WORD that comes to mind, as Pitse walks on to the set with her conducting baton for the photoshoot for this feature.
Hailed the youngest African woman orchestra owner, conductor, classical music arranger, producer, musician, and curator of intimate musically inspired/influenced spaces and experiences, it’s not difficult to see why. However, this has not come easy.
 “You’ve seen me, I’m quite tiny,” Pitse laughs. “You get into this industry where you see all these groot manne (big men) and they’ve been in the industry and the business for so long. So the question you always get is ‘What are you doing here?’
There’s always that thing where I have to prove myself more than I should, and I always have to walk on stage or into spaces, or even at just rehearsals, being over-prepared.”

I recently got the opportunity to speak about life-defining moments in my entrepreneurial life with Rupert&Rothschild, alongside chef David Higgs as well as renowned furniture designer Chris Weylandt.

The Mail&Guardian hosted myself and some remarkable women for a high tea on the 26th of August. What I thought to be an event announcing finalists for the M&G Power of Women 2022, happened to be an event for which not only am I nominated, but I was awarded the ‘Certificate of Recognition in the category of the Networking Women’.

It has been one big suprise I wanted to keep for the past two months. We had been preparing tirelessly to ensure that we capture the essence of who I am, and who we are. . .