Music Conductor & Architect

I recently got the opportunity to speak about life-defining moments in my entrepreneurial life with Rupert&Rothschild, alongside chef David Higgs as well as renowned furniture designer Chris Weylandt.

I not only curate orchestral experiences, I curate moments. Moments of sadness, moments of joy, moments of grief, moments of euphoria. In every single one of those moments, I always show up as my best self and with my formidable team.

It has been one big suprise I wanted to keep for the past two months. We had been preparing tirelessly to ensure that we capture the essence of who I am, and who we are. . .

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hosted myself and some remarkable women for a high tea on the 26th of August. What I thought to be an event announcing finalists for the M&G Power of Women 2022, happened to be an event for which not only am I nominated, but I was awarded the ‘Certificate of Recognition in the category of the Networking Women’.

Bachelor Of Architectural Studies (Honors)